‘A Special Selection of Just Poems’

A Special Selection of Just Poems


“Just Stories from Egypt . . .
The High Priestess”

As a princess, proud was she,
raised up now, for all to see,
as befit her destiny.

Yet, in her soul a humbleness
that fate decreed she should suppress,
befitting of a High Priestess.

She must walk tall, though weighted down,
with heavy robes and ornate crown,
to be revered within each town.

Yet, in her heart she’d playfully glide
through every village, o’er each hillside,
in simple dress with hair blown wild.

Bedecked in jewels that sparkled bright,
her wealth displayed with power and might,
her splendour proved a fiercesome sight.

Yet, in her mind she only sought
to love all beings as she ought,
riches, to herself, meant nought.

Held so aloof she dared not smile
but sit sedate, in trance-like style,
whilst past her throne, the people file.

Yet, in her subconscious she would go,
into that inner state to know,
the feelings that she could not show.

Many times she’d travel through the land,
carried shoulder high, above the sand,
or along the Nile in processions grand.

Yet, in her dreams her gaze would be,
across those waters running free,
searching for that endless sea.

Proud and haughty she’d appear,
viewed with awe, approached in fear,
she ruled the lands both far and near.

Yet, in her thoughts compassion reigned,
for young and old, weak and maimed,
her love so true, yet sadly chained.

“Just Poems”


I could not resist having a book with some of my own favourites in it. These include stories from Egypt as well as poems which I have received to do with my own loss of loved ones.

This book has pale pink pages.

This book contains 32 poems:

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Just Living Memories
Just Karma Daze
Just Stories from Egypt, The Scented Garden
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Just a Cherished Spirit Friend
Just a Prayer for the Animals
Just a Comforting Love, So Special
Just a Simple Life
Just Stories from Egypt, Kaa the Camel
Just Being in Bluebell Wood
Just Knowing the Spirit Within
Just Special Thoughts
Just Fluttering By
Just a Special Love
Just a Piebald Pony
Just at One with Nature
Just Dreaming
Just Becoming Aware, the Journey of a Lifetime
Just Stories from Egypt, The High Priestess
Just the Realms of the Unicorn
Just a Special Wealth
Just the Story of a Stream
Just a School
Just Fairy Spirits
Just a Fond Farewell for a Little While
Just a Natural Friend
Just Stories from Egypt, Mu the Temple Cat
Just Glimpses of Heaven
Just Special Memories
Just a Plea to be of Help
Just in the Land of Dreams