‘A Selection from Just Poems with special thoughts for those who are grieving’

A Selection from Just Poems with special
thoughts for those who are grieving

“Just Precious Blessings from Above”

My little one has come to me with
blessings from above
and though I do not see her, I can
feel her precious love.
It flows through joyful memories of
days that use to be,
yet though I know I could feel sad,
this would not comfort me.

For sorrow only sorrow brings,
we know this to be true,
so if I dwelt in sadness this would
hide me from her view.
She is released from earthly stress,
in harmony to grow,
not for her the troubles
that on this Earth we know.

For truly she is living in a world
that’s full of Light,
a world where she is happy,
sparkling and bright.
I know she’s with passed Loved Ones
who love her as I do
and that they’ll guide and care for her,
until I join them too.

Although we miss their earthly form
they are not far away,
remember them with happiness and
in their hearts we’ll stay.
Yes, my little one has come to me
with blessing from above,
because I truly smile for her,
she’s conscious of my love.

“Just Poems”


These poems are mainly to do with the loss of loved ones.  This book also contains a poem where a child asks about Heaven.

The pages are a lilac colour.

This book contains 26 poems:

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