‘A Selection from Just Poems . . . for young and old alike . . .’

A Selection from Just Poems . . . for young and old alike . . .


“Just from Grand-dad”

Although you cannot see me now,
I really am not gone,
for though my body is no more
my spirit still lives on.
I live within the Spirit World
that is not far away,
but sit awhile and listen
while Grand-dad has his say!

Everyone has a body, 
we all know this is true,
you also have a spirit
which is the ‘real’ you.
It’s wrapped within your body
while you live on this earth
and though we cannot see it,
it’s been there since our birth.

We all come from the Spirit Land,
or ‘Heaven’ as it’s known,
to learn about this life on Earth
and the creatures we are shown,
learning to treat all fairly
no matter who, or what they be,
to help them live together
like one big family.

And so it is quite natural
that when our bodies die,
we all return to Heaven,
you know I would not lie,
though you are probably wondering
‘Where is this Spirit Land?’
I’ll tell you it is very close,
in fact, it’s all around.

You know our Earth is circular
and like a wheel, will spin,
well, pretend the spokes are Heaven
and the Earth is just the rim.
Watch when the wheel is spinning fast
(which the world does constantly)
although the spokes are all still there
it’s only the rim you’ll see.

Likewise with the Spirit World,
it spins so very fast
you simply cannot see it,
‘til into it you’ve passed,
but know that I’m with loved ones
who now live in this Light
and one day, we’ll all meet again
when the time is right.

So now I’ve left my earth body
I’m feeling really well,
I look quite young and handsome,
maybe Grandma you could tell.
You know I had grown poorly
and with you could not play,
but here within the Spirit World
I’m much better every day.

Please give my love to everyone,
let them know I’ll always care,
I still can watch you growing up,
if you think of me, I’m there.
Remember now, the good times,
aim to be kind and true
and know that when you’re happy,
I am happy too!

“Just Poems”


This book introduces the idea of how our loved ones are living happily in the Spirit World, or in ‘Heaven’ as children and many adults tend to call it.  It also mentions how we should try to live our lives in the best way we can.

The pages are a pale blue in colour.

This book contains 25 poems:

Just Spirit
Just Simple Facts
Just a Whisper
Just Love
Just from Grand-dad
Just the Magic of Bubbles
Just the Powers of Nature
Just a Point of View
Just Being Just
Just Will-o-the-Wisp
Just to Understand
Just a Rock
Just Showing Kindness
Just Laws
Just Knowing Spirit
Just Messengers of Spring
Just Having Free-will
Just an Important Member of Earth’s Family
Just Never Really Gone
Just Being You
Just Healing Energies
Just a Continuous Journey
Just a Message from Granny
Just a Tiny Prayer
Just a ‘Thankyou’ to the Vets