“Just Stories and Poems” are Inspirational stories and verse which I have been writing down since 1992. They speak about Who, What and Why we are . . . and so help us to have a clearer understanding of ourselves and others.

Some talk about Nature, while others contain philosophy concerning life and ‘death’ here on this Earth. They also tell us about life in Spirit (or Heaven as many people call it) and mention spiritual teachings. Others are stories told in prose. Some are for children.

Money received from my writings is used towards putting together further books, my reward being in the enlightenment and comfort these inspirational words offer to myself
and to other people.

Sincerely, Valerie Lancaster


Quick profile of the Author

Valerie A. Lancaster is a housewife with three adult children and five grandchildren. She and Bern married in 1964 when they were both nineteen and they live in a small village just outside Southport in Lancashire. Both have always loved hiking together in the countryside . . . through woods, along streams and across hillsides. Over the years they have enjoyed the views from the tops of the highest peaks in England and in the Scottish Highlands, but now their walks are more low-level. Valerie loves being out amongst Nature with all the creatures and scenery. She has a sincere and close relationship to the North American Indians of the Great Plains, mainly the Lakota (often called Sioux) and the Cheyenne.

Valerie started receiving inspirational poems, stories and philosophy in 1992 and in the past has had eleven small “Just Poems” booklets printed. More recently her first paperback “Two Wings” – a fictional story about a young North American Indian was published, followed by “Just Butterfly Days” and “Just Walking on a Rainbow”. Up until 2009 Valerie and her husband coached and ran a Gymnastic Club for children, their first Club being in the 1960’s. They did this for fifty years, always on a voluntary basis and in 2006 they were amazed to
each receive an MBE for their Services to Youth. They retired from gymnastics in 2011.