‘A Natural Selection Just Poems’

A Natural Selection from Just Poems


  “Just a Summer Morning”

‘Tis early morn on a summers day
and all my cares are far away
as I watch the sun begin to shine,
knowing this is a special time
when I can sit and quietly share,
the joys of nature, everywhere.
My eyes look up towards the sky
releasing thoughts that they may fly
into the vastness far above,
where I can feel a special love.
It seems to come from all around,
I listen, for there is no sound,
the silence now encircling me
inside the beauty that I see.
I hear the quiet in my head
and know I’m gently being led
into a peace which calms my mind,
helping my body to unwind.
Relaxing in the sun’s warm glow
I slowly let my senses grow
and smell the perfume from each flower,
which bathes me in its healing power
as I breathe deeply, long and slow,
to let it through my being flow.
Gradually, I am aware
of bird-song floating on the air,
drifting with a melody
that sparkles in simplicity.
I watch the swallows on the wing
and open up my heart to sing,
for all of this is given free
to those who really want to see
the beauty that is all around,
in every smell and sight and sound.
But now the time is moving on
and other noises have begun
to creep into my natural world,
as a new day is unfurled.
Yet I’m sure that what I’ve known
in the hour which has just flown,
will help me face the work and play
that I’m a part of through the day,
hoping on the following morn . . .  
again will Nature’s beauty dawn.

“Just Poems”


There are some beautiful poems in here concerning Nature, from woodlands, flowers and rivers etc. to the Aborigine, as well as a poem concerning our North American Indian friends.

The pages in this book are a pale green in colour.

This book contains 27 poems:

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