‘A Selection from Just Poems’

A Selection From Just Poems



“Just the Playground of Life”

We are all children on the see-saw of life,
learning of goodness, learning of strife,
striking a balance to follow what’s right,
thus to enlighten, our inner sight.

The world is our playground but also our school,
some lessons are joyful, others seem cruel,
yet they make us stronger, so we may shine bright,
thus to enhance now, our inner light.

We each have a body, we each have a soul,
aiming to know this – we can become whole,
all pulling together, whatever ones plight,
thus to experience, our inner might.

And as with all children, one day we will be,
free to determine our own destiny,
to turn in a circle or slide into night,
or swing ever higher, in love to unite.

“Just Poems”


This Book contains a ‘Questions and Answers’ poem.  There is also a poem which relates in a very gentle way, to the deep emotional stress caused by the loss of a child, (something I myself have experienced).

The pages are coloured green.

This book contains 21 poems:

Just Goodnight Thoughts
Just a Sideways Glance
Just United in Truth
Just Lessons to Learn
Just Travelling Onwards
Just Friendly Thoughts
Just a Woodland Glade
Just Words of Comfort
Just an Indian Friend
Just the Playground of Life
Just on Wings of Love
Just Questions and Answers
Just Together
Just Conquering Anger
Just Simply Meditating
Just Not Giving In
Just Being There
Just Thoughts
Just Not Being Old
Just a Loving Prayer
Just a Thought of My Own