‘A Further Selection from Just Poems’

A Further Selection from Just Poems

“Just One Truth”

Within this world are many creeds,
from countless nations, various breeds,
they think and speak of numerous deeds,
– but there is just one Truth.

No-one can claim it for their own,
within each man its seed is sown,
in honest love it can be shown,
the one eternal Truth.

It’s in the wind, the sun, the rain,
on mountain tops, on desert plain,
in streams and woodlands, flowers and grain,
this all embracing Truth.

We hear it told in every way,
from ancient times to modern day,
no matter how or what they say,
there still is but one Truth.

It does not judge, it does not preach,
it only tries each soul to reach,
and if accepted then will teach,
this one and only Truth.

The love that’s given we will find,
is only of the purest kind,
but some debase it with their mind,
yet still there is this Truth.

Some search each cranny and each nook,
or seek it in a certain book,
while in themselves if they but look,
they’ll find this living Truth.

Its name is Love, its name is Light,
it is the power and the might,
that gives us breath and each the right,
to Everlasting Truth.

“Just Poems”


This includes a lovely poem about the North American Indian as well as a Fairy Story one.  A very emotional poem tells the uplifting story of a child who is terminally ill.

The pages of this book are coloured blue.

This book contains 22 poems:

Just for You
Just Learning to Walk in the Light
Just One Truth
Just Loving Words from a Spirit Friend
Just Never Alone
Just as a Child
Just Finding Time
Just a Melody
Just True Justice
Just Suitably Dressed for the Journey
Just the Spirit of the Red Indian
Just Letting Go
Just the Dance of the Flower Fairies
Just a Man
Just Through the Night
Just Nature’s Inner Healing
Just Being Part of God
Just Never Goodbye
Just Fellow Creatures
Just Positive Thoughts
Just a Prayer of Hope
Just a Thought of My Own