‘A Selection from Just Poems with special thoughts for those passed and present’

A Selection from Just Poems
with special thoughts for those ‘passed’ and present


“Just in the Gardens of Eternity”

Here in the Gardens of Eternity
I’ll wait ‘til you can come to me,
for when the time is deemed as right
my love will draw you to this light,
but know until that day is here
within your garden, I am near.

Wrapped in the brightness of our love,
you walk with me.
Of happy memories, from above
I talk to thee.
By knowing we’re together still,
you’ll learn of me.
With understanding and free-will,
I turn to thee.
In joyful thoughts of bygone days,
please think of me.
Through tenderness and gentle ways,
I’ll link with thee.

Although these gardens are apart, we are not so,
the feelings that lie in each heart, can always flow.
Across the ether, time and space, we’ll meet again,
you only have to see my face and call my name,
until that golden dawn arrives and sets you free,
to join me, in the Gardens of Eternity.

“Just Poems”


These poems try to help people to understand how our loved ones who have passed over, are only a thought away, continuing their lives in that realm just beyond our view.

The pages of this book are a pale orange.

This book contains 27 poems:

Just in the Gardens of Eternity
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Just a Heavenly Gift
Just Re-assuring Thoughts
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Just Brighter Shores
Just an Xmas Poem
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Just Happy Returns
Just a Plea to the Spirit Within
Just Sending Out Love
Just a Red-Indian Girl’s Story
Just Happily Re-United
Just Spirit Loved Ones
Just Passing Thoughts
Just a Prayer for Inner Strength
Just Overcoming Grief
Just Knowing You Are There