‘A Mixed Selection from Just Poems’

“A Mixed Selection From Just Poems”


“Just Sharing a Moment with Spirit”

When you meet with love of the purest kind
allow no doubt within your mind,
accept the thoughts that rise and flow,
encourage them to gently grow,
embrace the warmth encircling you
and know this warmth is good and true.
It comes from loved ones close around,
those in Spirit who have found
the way to bridge that step in time,
to span the gap that is so fine
and let you know they’re always there,
enjoy their love you still can share.
Release you feelings deep inside,
within yourself learn not to hide,
go by the instincts that you feel
and know this love is truly real
as your emotions now respond
awakening powers that are so strong,
revealing different ways to go
that offer truths you’ll want to know.
With mutual trust blend now as one,
you and your friends who have move on,
surrounded by a pool of light,
enclosed within a beam so bright
it draws your senses even high,
until your spirit starts to fly
away from cares that hold you here,
towards another kind of sphere
where living thoughts come into view
and all is now a part of you.
How long you stay is but a pause
yet you are there,it serves a cause,
it is a gift that we can use,
given to all, to keep or lose,
to help you know yourself within
and strengthen bonds that have grown thin
between yourselves and those you knew
who’ve simply gone ahead of you.
So any time of any day,
just sit awhile and drift away
towards the warmth they send so dear
and quietly feel them drawing near,
know of the truth sent from above,
for in that truth, you’ll find pure love.

“Just Poems”.


This book was the first to be printed and like all the others that followed, is illustrated on each page.  The poems are, as it says in the title, about a mixture of topics ranging from life here and in Spirit, to a nature ‘Fairy story’.

The pages of this book are coloured pink.

This book contains 25 Poems:

Just a View
Just Timeless Love
Just Until We Meet Again
Just an Idea
Just to Let You Know
Just a Smile
Just Some Time
Just a Secret Glimpse of Nature
Just Life
Just Principles
Just Journeying On
Just Reward
Just Sharing a Moment with Spirit
Just to Accept
Just a Dream
Just Knowing
Just be Positive
Just to Be
Just So Close
Just a Moment
Just knowing of the Spirit World
Just Making an Effort
Just Loving Life
Just a Simple Prayer
Just a Thought of My Own