‘Another Selection from Just Poems’

Another Selection From Just Poems


“Just the Love of a Pet”

Within this world, where’er we go,
there’s none more true than the pet we know,
their love is of a special kind
that soothes our worries and calms our mind.
No matter what their species be,
this love is given completely free
and once our love to them we show,
the bond is made and trust will grow.

They live beside us, always near
to share out joy and share our fear,
their little ways we know so well
and then of us, what they could tell!
Many a problem they may save
with gentle purr or tails that wave,
eyes looking up with total love,
the kind that shines from those above.

“Just Poems”.


There are various poems here mentioning loved ones who have passed over, animal friends on this Earth, a poem about the North American Indian, as well as nature poems and a fairy one.

The pages of this book are yellow in colour.

This book contains 19 poems:

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Just the Love of a Pet
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