‘Just Stories and Fairy Tales’

“Just Stories and Fairy Tales – For Children & the Young at Heart”


 “Just Being Different”

To laugh at someone can be cruel,
to laugh with them, is the golden rule.
Wise Old owl wants you to be
kind to everyone you see.

Here’s a cheerful tale to place
a little smile upon your face.

Now Dandy the Duck is a fluffy little thing,
he has an umbrella tucked beneath his wing
and if it should start raining he’ll hold it up above,
he doesn’t like the raindrops that other ducklings love.
Such a funny duckling he seems to break each rule,
he won’t go near the river and he hates his little pool
and when his Mother calls him to ride upon her back,
he runs along the river bank, shouting
“Quack, Quack, Quack!”

When the baby ducklings are going for a swim,
he won’t even paddle, let alone go in
and so his poor old Mother often can be seen,
dunking him in puddles, down by the stream.

If the other ducklings waddle out to play,
he jumps into a bramble bush and nothing that they say
can coax him down into the reeds to find a tasty snack,
he sits up there quite happy to flap his wings and quack.
When the river’s swollen with more water gushing past,
all the ducks enjoy it for they like to swim so fast,
but Dandy struts across the rocks as proud as he can be
and when they float around him, he wags his tail with glee.

Why everybody loves him, he’s such a cheerful chap,
with his happy little smile and his cheeky little quack,
he isn’t really naughty for he tries to do his best,
he’s just a little duckling who is different from the rest!

Says Wise Old Owl: “It is a fact,
folk can differ in how they act
and nobody should be unkind
to someone of a different mind,
for it should always be our plan
to help them do the best they can.”

“Just Poems” for Children

These illustrated stories for children all contain a simple moral, the type of stories I am sure, will also appeal to those older adults who still feel ‘young at heart’.

The pages of this book are cream coloured.

This book contains 16 stories:

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Just the Story of a Raindrop
Just Jack-in-the-Box
Just Playing Happily Together
Just Moonbeam Fairies
Just a Story of Kindness
Just Being Different
Just doing your Best
Just a Snowy Scene
Just a Fairy Tale
Just a Simple Story
Just Meeting Feathered Garden Friends
Just a Thought at Bedtime
Just Fairy Market Day
Just Learning with Mitten the Kitten