‘A Selection from Just Poems . . . an understanding of life . . .’

A Selection from “Just Poems” . . . an understanding of life . . .


“Just Know . . .”

Just know it is written within Spirit Laws
that what you give out . . . one day becomes
yours and whatever the measure that you
have unfurled, is doubled and tripled in
the Spirit World.
This is a true statement, a statement to
all, no-one can escape from the Natural
Law, laws that are true, quite just and
quite fair, laws that we face when we move
over there.
No matter your colour, religion or creed, no
matter your thoughts or what you believed,
just know that this Law is a sacred decree,
what you gave to another, is given to thee.

“Just Poems”


This brings in more of the philosophy of life, talking about the Universal Laws, why we encounter the lessons we do and how we all shape our own destiny.  It also mentions suffering and how important it is to find a balance in what we do.

The pages are a silver grey colour.

This book contains 25 poems:

Just Know
Just to Learn
Just Caring
Just Passing Through
Just Living Life Now in the Best Way We Can
Just Shaping Our Own Destiny
Just Keeping an Open Mind
Just Finding the Balance
Just Little Things That Mean A Lot
Just Living the Truth of What You Know
Just Sensing You There
Just the Essence of Love
Just Understanding Suffering
Just from the Heart
Just Spirit Friends
Just Staying True
Just Healing Rays
Just a Spark Divine
Just the Real Facts of Life
Just Flames of Thought
Just Wanting to Care
Just Gone, but not Gone
Just the Whirlpool of Life
Just Travellers in Time
Just a Prayer for Understanding