A Further Insight

May I extend to you, a very warm welcome to “Just Stories and Poems”.  In 1992 when I first started receiving these Poems, I realised they were telling me things which at that time, I   did not really know and I immediately knew they were meant to be shared with others.

They have helped me so much in my under-standing of myself and how to cope with life, not just as a person, but also as a spiritual being. I sincerely hope that the words I have been fortunate to receive, are of help to you.

Perhaps the Nature ones can uplift you and maybe the deeper ones encourage you to look further into the meaning and purpose of this life here on Earth, as well as the continued life we will all one day lead.

They may enable you to look a little differently and perhaps a little more tolerantly at others, even those people who cause you upset and pain, for I now realise how all that happens to us is for a definite reason and how we cope, governs the future progress of our Spirit within, our true selves.

They may open up your views not just on our fellowmen but also on our animal friends and indeed all creatures, as well as Nature itself.

For those who are grieving, maybe they can re-assure you of how our loved ones who have passed over, are still close to us and very much alive.

I do hope you enjoy the “Just Poems” and the “Just Stories” Books, but if they are not for you, then I sincerely wish you success in your search for truth and for an awareness of life.

Love to you and yours,